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If you’re a student who is curious about online schooling and not sure what to expect or how to make the transition go smoothly, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list . Check it out below!

See How You Can Get Involved

Students: Just because you aren’t in a classroom doesn’t mean you can’t meet new people and make friends! Online schools hold events and have clubs for you to join.

Get a Planner

More flexibility requires more organization. Now that you can choose how to spend your day, we recommend you buy a planner or use an online scheduling app to help you plan your days out. Decide ahead of time when you will complete schoolwork and when you are going to take breaks so that you can stay disciplined throughout the day.

Find Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

Adding your favorite snack, a picture of your family or another favorite trinket will make your environment more enjoyable as you work. Not to mention, these are all things you likely weren’t allowed to do at your old school, so take advantage and enjoy it!

Talk With Your Teachers as Much as You Can

The instructors, advisors and counselors are readily available to help you–but don’t know how if you don’t ask. Any time you don’t understand a concept, don’t hesitate to send an instant message, email or phone call for personal support.


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